Buy or Partner with Us to Buy USA Real Estate

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The US has very affordable homes with high rent to purchase price ratios. All of our properties are set up in US LLC structures to maximize tax and liability protection. They are available in singles or packages and all are managed by professional Property Managers in the US. We can offer you properties in 2 ways:
1) The first is to sell you the property in the conventional way. We will sell you the property at below market value. This can be a share transfer of the US entity or we can transfer the property to you or your entity. You can retain the US property manager or do it yourself. You would be responsible for the US tax and management of the money. We can manage the overall property management and cross border flow of funds for you if you like. This works best for those that want to have day to day involvement in the property.
2) The 2nd method is for you to partner with us. You would provide funds for about 70% of the property value. We then fully manage the property and provide cash flow from the property to you in US dollars in Canada. You have no exposure to US taxation or liability. We share the net cash flow and the net appreciation when the property is sold. If the cash flow is ever negative, you do not have to pay out of your own pocket as we take care of that. This works best for those who do not want the complications of US taxation and all the issues that go with managing a property in another country.
Please see our properties at USA listings . We have added sample investor package details for each property that may help you get an idea of the numbers.