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With the housing market in the USA on the rebound, right now is the best time in a generation to get involved in real estate investing in the US. We make it easy to invest in US real estate by providing cash flow properties that provide monthly income. We put the properties in asset protected US corporations that allow you to own US properties with minimal liability and maximum tax savings. We take care of all the management of the property and guarantee that you will never have negative cash flow from the property. This means that you can own a property in a high potential market in a far away part of the USA without having to worry about tenants, repairs, insurance, taxes, etc.


We do the work to find the properties and place them in asset protected US entities.


checkWe partner with you and share the cash flow and capital gain. You always retain your equity investment. We guarantee that you will never have negative cash flow – we take care of that.


checkWe manage the properties to make sure that they are rented and repaired. You do not have to travel or fix one toilet although you are welcome to do that if you really want.


checkWe keep you up to date with regular reports.


Example Property Package:

– 11 Cash Flow Properties rented at $4550/month. 1 property is 3 acres with room for more homes. $400,000 value for $200,000.

27% return on investment. That’s the same as $27,000 a month rent income from a 1 million dollar property in Vancouver!

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