How Do We Buy

At Home Buying Center Inc. there are two methods that we primarily use to purchase your home, that is a DIRECT Purchase and LEASE Purchase

Direct Purchase

Our current direct offers are running on average anywhere from 20 to 30 percent discount to the market value of your home for quick completion. The main benefit is that you will removed from the title ASAP and will not have to wait to receive your funds. You will not have to hire a Realtor and pay them a commission and be inconvenienced with Realtor showings.

Lease Purchase

New method on selling your home quickly, easily and safely.
Lease purchase is becoming the homeowner’s number one choice as an alternative to the traditional way of selling your home FAST! Trying to sell a home can be at the very least, very stressful and challenging for most homeowners. If you are faced with one or more of the following difficulties, the “LEASE PURCHASE PROGRAM” might be just what your are looking for:

  • You are are struggling to make your payments and want to save your good credit
  • You are house on the market won’t sell after many months of listing with a Realtor
  • You are are facing foreclosure and want to avoid bankruptcy
  • You just got a job transfer to another city and need to sell your house fast
  • You are anxious to move into another house and do not want to list your home
  • You have little equity in your property
  • You are making two payments
  • Your house is too big or too small
  • Your leaky condo on the market won’t sell and is need of repairs
  • You are a “Out of town Owner”
  • You are divorcing and need to sell
  • You don’t want to deal with tenants

Or just want out for whatever reason

  • You may ask yourself “Why on earth should I consider a ‘Lease Purchase’? Well, as a starter, there are several definite advantages for you to consider:
  • You are guaranteed to sell your house and that is a promise
  • You will get fair market price for your property (no hassle)
  • Your monthly mortgage payments will stop (no more hemorrhage)
  • You will save money as you don’t need to advertise your property anymore

All maintenance and repairs will be our responsibility and at our cost. This eliminates all headaches and financial costs to you as “someone else” is taking care of your property and is responsible for all maintenance and repairs. This also means that “someone else” will eventually buy your property and they will take care of it until your property is sold. They will watch over your property, guard it as their own because they know they will eventually qualify for the mortgage.

  • You remain on title – it’s still your property until the option is exercised.
  • You are in total control until the property is sold
  • There is no real estate commission for this service. This alone will save you thousands ($$$)

You continue to enjoy the tax advantages (please consult with your tax professional on this issue)

The ‘Lease Purchase Program’ works with all kinds of mortgages.

By now, you must have a few questions. To help you with that, here are the most frequently asked questions about ‘Lease Purchase’. Hopefully the following will be Helpful in answering most of your questions:

Q: What is ‘Lease Purchase’?

A: A ‘Lease Purchase’ is essentially a rental agreement combined with a purchase agreement with pre-negotiated terms. During the term of the lease,the buyer has the option to purchase your home at anytime. The sales price,length of the term and rental payments, etc. are all clarified in advance. Our objective is to find a tenant/buyer who will eventually qualify for a mortgage.
Q: What if the tenant tears or damages my house?
A: We cannot guarantee that the tenant/buyer will not damage your house since neither you or us will be living there with them. However, under our written agreement with you, we do guarantee in writing if this should ever happen, we would repair any damages at our expense GUARANTEED! Remember, we are accountable to you, not some buyer you don’t know.
Q; When will you sell my house?
A: We can’t give you an exact date. It will be up to the tenant/buyer to make the decision. However, we get paid when our tenant/buyer purchases your property. Therefore, we will encourage our tenant/buyer to buy your property as quickly as possible. In the meantime, your payments will be made which will free you of the monthly financial burden while we are working hard to re-sell your property.
Q: Maybe I should list my home with a Realtor?
A: Of course, that is always an option. Realtors can provide excellent service and expertise to sell your house. However, a real estate agent will not make your payments while you wait for your house to sell. Nor will a real estate agent guarantee the maintenance and repairs of your property while you wait for your house to sell.

With our lease purchase program we do all of that and more! We will also give it our personal attention, and you can literally forget about your house until it sells. Best of all, there is no real estate commission for our services which could save you thousands of dollars.
Q: How do I know you will make my payments every month
A: We can pay you directly so that you can make the mortgage payments yourself. Or, you can also choose for us to pay your bank directly. If we don’t pay, your bank will notify you immediately. Either way, you’re always on top whichever method you prefer. The choice is entirely yours, and that is peace of mind to you.
Q: How can your company or your Lease Program really help me?
A: Creative Home Buyers Ltd. is a real estate investment company, and we know that homeowners go through when they try to sell their homes for whatever reason. Maybe you’re thinking about selling your home right now and aren’t sure if this is the right solution for you. Maybe, you’ve already tried listing your home with a real estate agent and this method did not work for you. Our job is to provide you with a workable solution that will work for you and our commitment to you is we will follow through until your house is sold and you are cashed out. This will happen either when we purchase or when one of our qualified tenant Buyer’s does. Again, we do not charge a real estate commission for this service.
Q: Okay, well, how does your company get paid anyway?
A: We earn our profit from the difference on what we buy the house from the Seller and the amount we re-sell to our tenant/buyer. If there are any fees to be paid, it is usually the buyer who will pay us. At Creative Home Buyers Ltd., we work diligently with the buyer so he/she will eventually buy your house. You pay no real estate commission whatsoever!
Q: No one I know has ever heard of this before, is this legal or what?
A: ‘Lease to purchase’ is a very common method of purchasing commercial real estate. Over the last 10 years or so, it has steadily become more frequently used in the Canadian residential real estate market. A lease agreement is a legal binding contract now used all across Canada including the Lower Mainland here in British Columbia. As for our company, we are part of a large network of people who specialize in creative real estate solutions for buyers and sellers alike. Some of our staff have been doing this business well over 10 years in buying, selling and leasing homes here in the Vancouver area and in British Columbia as a whole.

We know this is a lot of information at one time, but if your are still with us, chances are you’re interested in doing what it takes to get your house sold. We do not know of an easier way to sell your house, that can give you more money, and with none of the hassles normally involved in selling. In many cases, our programs are simply some of the best, fastest, and most financially sound ways to sell a house in today’s challenging real estate market. So, why not give us a call to see if we can help provide a solution to your real estate problem.

Once you call, here’s what you can count on from us….

  • First, we want to listen. We want to hear about your home, your unique situation,your needs, and what you’re willing to do to help us provide a solution.
  • Next, we’ll do our homework. We will analyze your situation, research the facts and try to establish which options will be right for you.
  • You’ll be treated honestly and fairly, and we’ll explain everything in plain language and answer any questions you may have.
  • Best of all, you won’t pay any real estate commissions (This alone, could save you thousands).

We don’t know how many months you’ve been trying to sell your home (or thinking about selling it), but every month you wait is costing you money. Your home is an asset, so why not sell it as an asset. Don’t let it become a liability, a burden.

Don’t procrastinate…. call us, especially if you have questions – 604-435-5555