Home Buying Program

Thank you for your interest in our Home Buying Program (HBP).

Our HBP is a creative and sophisticated way to help with the purchase of a home for families who otherwise would be unable to purchase their own home.

At HBC professionals such as lawyers, accountants, mortgage experts, real estate consultants, financial planners, property management personnel, Realtors, builders, property inspectors, architects and designers, renovating experts, developers and more are working together to help you!

Our diverse and very experienced group of professionals are available to assist you find the best way possible to stay within your financial boundaries and have the home you want. All of this is available to you, because of their experience in their respective fields.

The Home Buying Program is designed to meet the needs of single folk and families alike, a person or family that wants to gain some equity.
A person or family that wants to stop flushing ‘rent’ down the drain, with nothing to show for their effort at the end.
A person or family that wants a chance to own a home,

The Home Buying Program is directed toward persons and/or families who do not qualify for home ownership through traditional ways (banks, mortgage companies, etc.)
Perhaps because your down payment is not large enough; perhaps because credit restraints are limiting your buying power; or perhaps you are an entrepreneur or self-employed and your income is not recognized by the bank.
Whatever the reason we at the Home Buying Centre can provide a long list of advanced techniques to help you achieve your goal of owning a home.

Our real estate knowledge and services include helping you in the following areas:

  • CREDIT ENHANCING – perhaps your credit is not up to par. Not to worry! We can help you get your credit re-established with thorough, thoughtful recommendations and advice or arrange a loan. The Home Buying Centre has excellent bank relationships with many large Canadian financial institutions that may be able and even want to help you.
  • MORTGAGE FINANCING – recommending established mortgage brokers who will shop the mortgage market for the best deal available and/or banks that will work with and for you. Financing may include advanced techniques in the use of VTB (vendor-take-back) mortgages, lease options, rent-to-own and other creative ways to help you get qualified loans, even when you believe and/or think your bank will not qualify you.
  • RESEARCHING, NEGOTIATING AND PURCHASING A HOME – to help you facilitate the best real estate transaction with the best terms possible, encompassing all aspects of the transaction. An HBP consultant will help arrange for expert realtors to help you:
    • Research active listings and listen to your needs for home selection;
    • Hire and arrange assistance to review the inspection and appraisal reports;
    • Arrange help with legal consulting to help you understand the closing process when buying a home;
    • Help review the insurance paperwork to ensure you are clear and comfortable with the insurance coverage, etc.
  • BANKER/INVESTOR – if required, the HBP can assist in the buying process by investing monies into the purchase or help to arrange for private investors. For example:
    • Perhaps your new home needs funds to build or renovate a basement suite for further potential income;
    • Perhaps you are having difficulty making 1st and/or 2nd mortgage payments and need to re-establish an improved payment plan;
    • Perhaps you want to arrange new financing and your bank will not talk with you;
    • Perhaps you need to do some repairs to your home (foundation, roof, rewiring, plumbing, etc.) and you are unable to get sufficient credit to proceed with the work;

    At the Home Buying Centre, we are well connected with professionals at all levels: realty; legal; financial; contractors and trades people all help make this a cost effective venture.

    Trying to buy a home can be at the very least, stressful and challenging for most potential homeowners. How do we help? Our excellent innovative and professional experience, plus longevity in the industry, coupled with several years of joint ownership with you, can build the security and equity in the property for you. Let us help make this joint venture a positive and memorable one.

    Our goal is to help! Build equity in real estate that was meant for you!

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